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Blockchain's struggle for growth

of blockchain apps have fewer than 5,000 users.
of blockchain developers who say onboarding is the biggest bottleneck to adoption.
of blockchain app developers that need more users.

According to a survey of blockchain app developers by Fluence Labs

A simpler way forward

Enable your users to log in and use blockchain applications with just an email address. That's it.

No Passwords, Total Access

With SimpleID, you can eliminate 12-word seed phrases, passwords, and recovery questions. All without giving up access to ethereum blockchain transactions.

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Scaling by Sharing

For the first time, blockchain app developers can leverage social sharing features just like Web 2.0 companies do today. Your users enter an email address, and not only does the recipient get an account created instantly, the asset your user wanted to share can be immediately available.

Social Sharing

Simple onboarding starts with simple code

The code below is all you need. Click run to execute and see the execution output.

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