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SimpleID provides the tools to connect and understand your customers without compromising their privacy.
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Amplify engagement and retention for your blockchain application

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SimpleID is modular to allow you to build the best solution for your customers.
Send targeted in-app notifications

Send targeted in-app notifications

In-app notifications allow you to maintain a relationship with your end users and improve their experience
E-mail users securely without invading their privacy

E-mail users securely without invading their privacy

Inform your users about new features, release, and critical updates in a timely and professional manner

Cryptocurrency wallets are essential tools for anyone looking to store, manage, and exchange digital assets. These wallets are designed to provide users with a secure and user-friendly way to engage with the blockchain and manage their crypto holdings.

One of the key metrics that wallet providers track is engagement. This refers to the frequency with which users interact with the wallet and the blockchain. Providers use this data to determine how they can improve their product and increase the retention rate of their users.

The blockchain is at the heart of all cryptocurrency transactions, and wallets provide a convenient interface for users to interact with the blockchain. As more people become interested in crypto, the demand for wallets is also increasing, leading to significant growth in the industry.

To encourage engagement and retention, wallet providers often use notifications to remind users of key events or actions they need to take. For example, a wallet might send a notification when a user's balance reaches a certain threshold or when a transaction is completed. These notifications can help users stay engaged with their crypto holdings and keep track of their transactions.

Overall, cryptocurrency wallets play a critical role in the growth and adoption of digital assets. By providing a secure and user-friendly interface for users to interact with the blockchain, wallet providers can help increase engagement and retention rates, ultimately driving the growth of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

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Our founders are veterans of the Web3 space having built one of the most popular apps in the space, Graphite Docs, and the first fully encrypted decentralized messenger on mobile, Stealthy.
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Prabhaav Bhardwaj
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Alex Carreira
Co-Founder, Engineering
Prabhaav Bhardwaj
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Co-Founder, Product

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