Execute off-chain actions triggered by on-chain events

SimpleID provides the tools to extract product insights and engage with your customers without compromising their privacy.

Learn best practices for Web3 engagement here!

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popular DeFi protocols, tokens, & wallets supported

Low-code data segmentation platform

Aggregate traditional analytics and blockchain interactions in one easy to use tool

Increase engagement with targeted communications

Build actionable insights and iterate faster to find product market fit sooner

Smart Contract Monitoring

One click smart contract import for automatic wallet updates and product insights

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Low Code Solution
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Interaction Metrics
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Product Insights
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Customizable Dashboard

Advanced Product Segmentation

Create user groups based on blockchain interaction and take immediate action

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Protocol Hack Alarms
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Governance Votes
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DeFi Liquidations
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Mix Web2 + Web3

Automatic Off-Chain Actions

Maintain a relationship with your end users and help them reach the "aha" moment

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Push Notifications
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Private Email Service
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Dynamic UX Updates
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Webhook Support

Built by Web3 founders

Our founders are veterans of the Web3 space having built some of the most popular apps in the space, and the first fully encrypted decentralized messenger on mobile, Stealthy.
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Prabhaav Bhardwaj
Co-Founder, Strategy
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Chief Barking Officer
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Alex Carreira
Co-Founder, Engineering
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