Marching Toward The End of Beta

SimpleID just shipped one of its biggest releases yet. We’ve been committed to building the features and tools our customers need most, and to do that, we have to listen. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

SimpleID just shipped one of its biggest releases yet. We’ve been committed to building the features and tools our customers need most, and to do that, we have to listen. Which is exactly what we’ve done.

SimpleID just shipped one of its biggest releases yet. We’ve been committed to building the features and tools our customers need most, and to do that, we have to listen. That’s exactly what we’ve done over the last few months, and armed with the feedback of dozens of customers and the requests of even more prospective customers, we set out to make SimpleID an even more robust platform.

With this new release, we take one step closer to exiting beta. This, for those in software, is no small feat. Beta is the time when things can go wrong. It’s the time when people using your software are forgiving and actively help you along the way. When you exit beta, the paradigm shifts. You start charging money and people expect things to just work. We know you’ll all be extraordinarily pleased with the results when we exit beta at the end of this month.

That’s right. Just a couple more weeks in beta. If you want to get in and test SimpleID for free, now is the time.

Now, let’s talk about today’s release. We’ll cover each feature/improvement in detail, but here’s what we pushed out:

  • Email Import
  • Email Analytics Dashboard
  • Brand New Email Editor Interface
  • Additional Processing Power
  • Store Event Data
  • Filter Event Data
  • Weekly and Monthly Active Users
  • Live Support Chat

Email Import

One of the more interesting requests we’ve received over the last month or so is the ability to import a list of emails and use our email service to send newsletters and other campaigns. These customers would not necessarily be making use of our cryptographic isolation of wallet address and email because they would be moving a list of emails from, say, MailChimp to SimpleID. The desire that has driven these requests lies almost exclusively in using tools designed for blockchain and web3. Those tools have not existed prior to SimpleID’s release. Now, we’re proud to say we support email import. You can email your list without them needing a wallet address or without them needing to be users of your application.

Import your newsletter to communicate with all your users from a single control center.

Email Analytics Dashboard

For both imported emails and emails from users whom we have disassociated wallet addresses and emails, our customers need to know how successful the emails they send are. So, we’ve built the first iteration of our email analytics dashboard. This dashboard currently focuses on all emails sent, but in a subsequent release we will enable statistics at a campaign and even template level.

New Email Editor

Our first email editor was a proof of concept at best. It was an embedded iframe. It wasn’t very performant. And it was branded with some other company’s logo. But it did the job. It proved that customers were interested in sending email. So, we decided to use open source technology to build our own custom email editor. The editor is more power, looks much better, and provides a significantly improved user experience.

Additional Processing Power

Analyzing blockchain data to allow our customers to logically segment their users is no easy task. Fetching statistics from a public blockchain is reasonably easy to do. However, when you then have to loop through those statistics to create a bucket of addresses that match some set of criteria, the task gets more difficult. Add to it that the data should be persisted and updated with reasonable frequency, and you have a pretty big ask. So, we’ve improved our performance and data handling. Long-running tasks have been flowing through a job queue for a couple weeks now, but we’ve also moved to a better caching solution for quicker results, and a better storage mechanism for larger volumes of

Caching helps speed up importing existing wallets from your smart contracts

Store & Filter Event Data

One of the more frequent requests we’ve received was the ability to store arbitrary bits of information and combine that information with blockchain data for segmentation. We’re excited to announce that’s now possible. With our JavaScript SDK and our API, you can now send through arbitrary data via a storeEvent call. This data automatically becomes filterable in the SimpleID UI.  

Weekly and Monthly Active Users

Since our launch, we’ve supported the ability to segment users by a last seen date. However, that segment would not auto-update. This meant you’d have to manually update the segment or only use that segment in the moment after creation. That’s less than ideal. So, we built support for weekly and monthly active users. These segments are now created automatically and update automatically.

Leverage Web2 events and Web3 wallet characteristics to define the perfect segment

Live Support Chat

While we’ve been building around the idea of upholding the Web3 ethos, we’ve seen a lot of companies in the space that use support chat tools that do not uphold that same ethos. And it’s understandable. There has not been a solution on the market that provides the support features of Intercom or Drift, but designed for Web3. Until now. We have leveraged 3Box’s threads feature to build live support chat for your applications.

Keep in touch with your users and answer their questions in real-time

Samantha Brown

Author: Samantha Brown

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  1. Great job! SimpleID has come a long way since its initial release. I have been using it for months and I must say, the customer feedback and requests have been thoroughly considered in this latest release. I believe SimpleID is on the right track to leaving beta and becoming an even more robust platform. Can’t wait to see the final results!

  2. I’ve been using SimpleID for a while now and I must say, this new release is impressive. The team has really listened to the users’ feedback and made great improvements. I can’t wait for SimpleID to exit beta and become even more robust. Keep up the good work!

  3. I’ve been using SimpleID during its beta phase and I have to say, the team has done an incredible job. They truly listened to the needs of their customers and the result is a robust platform. I can’t wait for the official release at the end of this month!

  4. This release sounds very promising! I have been using SimpleID during the beta phase and I must say that the team has been doing a great job in listening to customer feedback and continuously improving the platform. I’m excited to see what this new release has in store. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow, this is an impressive release! I’ve been using SimpleID during the beta phase and I can confidently say that the improvements and features added are exactly what I needed. The team really listened to their customers and it shows. Can’t wait for the official launch!

  6. I’m really impressed with SimpleID’s commitment to listening to their customers and building the features they need most. It’s great to see them getting closer to exiting beta and I can’t wait to see the results!

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